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About Us

Steve Page Lighting Ltd

The company is based in Dundee, Scotland. We have been trading since the early 1990's and became a Limited Company in 2016.

Joint Working / Partnering Opportunities

We maintain our independence and are not tied to any other supply companies, however we are often asked by clients for advice on other services to support their event and are happy to offer advice on potential companies. We would never take a finders fee from anyone nor give such a commission to another supplier or venue for their recommendations as that would in our eyes be unethical.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

Since our outset we have sought to maintain a high level of environmental responsibility and to minimise our resource use. It's not uncommon for venue owners to comment on our working methods being amongst the tidiest and least damaging of any service supplier.

Social Responsibility

We seek to ensure that we treat our people with the respect that their skills deserve: We have always paid above the Living Wage and ensured that all invoices to our freelance staff are paid promptly. Many of the staff who work with us have other jobs and family to look after as well, our working practices are aligned to ensure the maximum flexibility for such arrangements so that no-one is disadvantaged as a result of having to organise childcare etc.

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